Digital Marketing Services

Connecting your customers to you

Digital Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Utilising Google to target customers & clients with ‘keyword’ specific ads based on researching your product or service and target market.

Social Media Ads

Whether it’s general brand awareness or a specific campaign or product which needs boosting.

Email Marketing

Still a very effective way to update your loyal customers.

YouTube Ads

Capturing attention with high-quality videos to tell the story of your brand.



Creating content to target keywords organically and optimising content in line with current trends


Content Marketing

Can you attract new customers by providing help and answering questions?

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Instant visibility on Google with targeted, specific advertising

Make yourself instantly visible on the first page of Google. By conducting research into trends, search volume, and cost, I can create and maintain ads to increase traffic and reduce costs.

Rather than throw money at Google, I can help you make sure that you’re getting the best value for every single penny you spend.

Pay per Click (PPC) Management

I can provide a standalone PPC management plan or include it as part of an ongoing support plan. The beauty of a support plan is that we can move between services and follow the best results.

Ask Drew…

If you’re just starting out or already a well-established business, feel free to drop me a message to see if I can help you. No BS, no hard sell, just a friendly chat. You can email me or WhatsApp me and we can go from there.

Social Media Ads

Awareness to the masses, wherever they spend their time

Using ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, you are able to generate good news stories, product and event promotions with the goal of increasing brand awareness or generating sales.

Social Media Ads Service


Treating each platform differently and using ads targeted by age, location and interest will vastly affect your success. The way you promote to mid 20 first time buyers should be different to the retired couple, even though both may be buying the same product. The same applies to the different networks; creating a Facebook Carousel Ad that gives the same message as an Instagram Story but  styled uniquely. 


YouTube Ads

Drive sales & awareness on the most popular Video service available

Email Marketing

Branded email newsletters

It’s true that email isn’t as impactive as it once was but it still plays its part.

Using a service, such as Mailchimp, I can get an account up and running with your branding built-in, so you are able to contact your core customers.

Once created, sending out updates about you or your business, any promotional offers or even customer satisfaction surveys becomes an easy and automated process.

Additionally, if you’re looking for someone to manage this for you then let me know.

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Content Marketing

Helpful & engaging content for your audience


Conducting research and using historical data, we can create and publish articles to generate new traffic.

Increasing your organic traffic via content creation will help improve your visibility on Google.

Creating content that answers the questions your customers are asking can increase your organic traffic. Additionally, it provides you with content to share via your social media channels.

One In All In

Providing a standalone service or all-inclusive approach

You may be well established and need a specific service, whether it’s PPC, Social Media Ads or a new Website, which I can provide. I pride myself on offering a service with the whole picture in mind. I care deeply about your long term success. This is what sets me apart from a large agency. They have layers of rotating staff, often focused on hitting a KPI rather than getting into the finer details of what is and isn’t working.  I am genuinely interested in helping your business to grow and will be one of your biggest supporters.