Built with care and attention to your long term success



Working together to create a website to showcase exactly who you are, including any advanced functionality you need.


Taking the design on to the build. Once we’ve confirmed the look, I will build your site ready for launch.


Upon completion of the build, testing and tweaking, your fully functional new website will be launched.


Over the years, I’ve built from scratch and using different platforms. These days, I build all my sites using WordPress because it suits practically all requirements.



As well as making your new site SEO friendly, I will go further and conduct full data research to target the best keywords for each and every page I build.

Mobile First

Websites are now viewed more on mobile devices than any other. Your site should not just be mobile-friendly but mobile optimised to look great everywhere.

Website Design

Great looking, effective and optimised websites



The process of designing and building a new website with my clients starts with the look and feel you want to achieve.

If this is a new venture then you may have a rough idea of the style, look, and branding that you want. Alternatively, if you’re looking for inspiration then I can provide it.

Either way, I can transform your ideas into real designs as we shape your new website.

Rebranding an existing company website is a similar process but we’re able to start a little further down the line, even if you want a total make-over.

Whatever position you’re in, rest assured that I’ve worked at every end of the scale to deliver exactly what’s needed.

New Website Process

How it all comes together


Following your initial enquiry, we will arrange a chat to discuss the project in more detail. Your business may rely solely upon the success of your new website.

Then, when we get started, the process can be summarised in to 3 stages:

  1. Design – We’ll get the look and feel, including branding confirmed.
  2. Build – Turning the design into a fully functional site including all the functionality you need.
  3. Launch – We are good to go!


Providing ongoing content that answers the questions your customers are asking can increase your organic traffic. Additionally, it gives you articles to share via your social media channels.

 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

“I want to be at the top of Google”

……A phrase I’ve heard many times, for good reason. Google rules the roost when it comes to search…
That’s why people now commonly say ‘Google It’ rather than ‘Search for it’
They’ve branded the action of search, similar to how ‘Hoover’ took over the action of vacuuming!

The reality is that it takes time to rank on Google organically, especially in a competitive industry.
It takes ongoing planning and effort. Think of a sports star continuing to train and eat well in order to succeed.
Building websites that are Search Engine Friendly is a great start but how do you 
maintain your site ranking after launch?
It’s understanding which keywords you’re trying to rank for, how much traffic they generate and how competitive the market is.

Once you know this, you can follow a plan that includes both on-site and off-site SEO alongside
your short and long term goals.